I've been playing one or two matches today to see how the game felt now and I must say I was very pleased to see that it was far better than what I experienced previously.

So, I might keep playing more and more, so I'd like to have some advise about the movements. I played the training maps and was pretty successful at the different things, but I have troubles with straight line strafe jumps.

The thing is, I have the habit of keeping the forward key and I often fail completely at air control or violent turns because I'm out of practice so that's a question of time I guess, but when I go straight forward, it seems I slow down. In QL, I have pretty okay strafe, I accelerate a lot, but in Reflex, I do the same but it doesn't work at all.

What is the main habit to lose when switching from QL movements to Reflex one, especially in "normal" strafe move ?

P.S : Also, the game is better than before for me, but I might add that one of its biggest weakness in my opinion, aside the lack of zoom which is less important, is the sound. The sounds are weird, kind of out of place and feeble in my opinion. I hope the dev team will find some better one later when they have the time and opportunity.

PS 2 : No way to force enemy model color ? Everyone was different in the FFA while I thought I checked green for enemies (might only work for teams...)