We all know, that Quakelive had the potential to be so much more. It pains me to see this game being where it's at.

I was gone for many years, and the game slowly died more and more as I was gone. You might think that this is bullshit, but look at the activity graphs. Ever since I came back to quake in late march, the activity is slowly going back up again. I am not saying I am the face of Quakelive. I believe I am here for a purpose, to save quake.

I know how to draw attention, I will draw the attention of the whole gaming industry towards quake, I just need more time. ESL, Dreamhack, ESWC, IEM to name a few previous hosters of quake. They will all take quake back once i'm done with my mission, #MakeQuakeGreatAgain

......To end this I have an announcement, I will be hosting a 100 euro tournament winner takes it all once per month. The only catch is: Non of the top players are able to participate, which of the top players I am discluding I will reveal later. This is to make things more exciting, it is unfortunately something the scene needs. Because all of the high tier (rank 20-80) players can actually beat each other on any given day. How many can beat evil or agent in a bo5?

More info on this coming soon.