are amazing!

I have 45ms ping, it's located in DEU and... so many oldschool ra3 2v2 maps! Ofc some of them are bad but I can remember like 3-4 very good maps I used to play in 2004-2006. It's 2v2 only servers, which is nice, people can't callvote teamsize :D, it's locked to 2. And like I said the maps are great. Not like shit asylum or hellsgate, or even worst, campgrounds :D.
Reminds me the good old days and finally what I missed the most from ra3 (the maps) is kind of back.
Steam's workshop is good! I guess the servers admins (from team prophepy) had to pay some bucks to get the maps, but whenever you join the servers all you have to do is dl them :), it's free :).

So, people, just play Clan Arena the way it's meant to be played. Play it on maps that are designed for it. Forget your shit campgrounds (campgrounds is one of the best map for 2v2 TDM but for anything else it just sucks (decent for FFA tho)), hellsgate (this map is not a CA map, it's just some random map from the Q3A's single player when you had to face the bot klesk in 1v1 duel... lol.). Forget asylum (the 1st map that got implemented in QL back in 2008-2009 or something), this map is cancer really. I like trinity for 4v4 but asylum is just shit... period.
Why do I think camp/asy/hells are shit for CA ? Let me explain :

- campgrounds : the most campy rail only map. Also people tend to regroup at the bridge above the red armor location, which is just stupid, especially for 4v4, because 8 people on the bridge is just fucking retarded really, so random, rl spam only and pray to not fall down (but even if you do everything right to not falling down you still end up doing it, because like I said when you are 8 people on bridge it's almost like 16 players FFA on thunderstruck... doesn't make any sense). And why rail only ? Because without the items and because of the way the map is designed, in CA, in order to win, you have to play almost +back rail only. At least with the items you have to move around the map to get them, and sometimes you need to be offensive with lg or rockets to keep the control or just deal a lot of damage. But without the items, you don't have any goal, so you end up railing at long range and expecting people to get mad and ragequit :D.

- asylum : this map did not get much inspiration when it has been made. It's a very basic map, just a big boxe with way to much verticality. There are too much stairs, pillars, huge fucking retarded walls geometries at the "regroup zone", which make it rl spam only. In 4v4, just like campgrounds, people tend to regroup at a location where you have like 5cm² to fight, which becomes, there again, rl spam spam spam and pray to not fall down. And near the end of the round, when only 2-3 people are still alive because of luck, it becomes, just like campgrounds, a fucking +back endless rail fest.
And i'm pretty sure that if people wanted to play this map rail only it would be more effective than always regrouping at "upper".
In 2v2 it's not so retarded, because at least you have more space to move around, but like I said, there's no way to play it "normally" I mean if people were more clever, they would just +back rail at the beginning of each rounds. And also, the 2v2 positions at the regroup zone are still bad, too much lame stairs and pillars :). And the bridge is so fucking tight, impossible to deal against rockets.

- hellsgate : the "redux" version of hellsgate (called hellsgateredux) was so much better because it didn't have these retarded slopes and this fucking random void. Hellsgateredux was asymetrical, which made it more interesting to play than the normal hellsgate which is also very basic in its conception. And like I said, it's not a map meant to be played in CA, it's just a random Q3A single player map. You play it for fun vs the bot klesk when you play quake for the 1st time, that's all. It's not a real CA map, but people got used to it because of the lack of REAL CA maps (from RA3). And I didn't even mention those fucking pillars, there again, welcome rl spam and hide behind the pillars).

There is a lot of RA3 maps that are either LG heavy, RL heavy or Rail heavy, but at least they are well designed for it and make sense. I'm sick of playing non-CA maps in CA. I play quake 3 since 2002, so please, trust me when I say that :).

Okay, sry for this huge wall of text, but it had to be said :). And thanks a lot to the team prophecy (old school RA3 clan) for providing us such good servers.
Cya on them with my multiple fakenicks, maybe ;).