tl;dr: download/mirror/share

There's archived wolfcam with all my scripts.
All you need to do is copy ql's pk3s to /baseq3/.
Stuff may be buggy on lower cl_aviframerate/mme_blurframes.


The only thing that kept me in quake was fragmovie I making since ~2013. I spend years polishing my config and now I realized, that that was only beginning: now I will spend years to polish my montage, sound, etc.

I wanted it to be perfect. I drawed all the scenes/3d/etc on paper, i made perfect scenario and stuff. I even buyed greatest domain ever to host my fragmovie when it's done.

I wanted to make something great. I wanted this movie to be my legacy.

Many people asked my fx-es, but I refused them. I wanted to publish fx-es after the movie.

I just realized, that I already made that movie perfect in my head, and I am satisfied.

So I gave to you my wolfcam with all stuff I made/found. Its kinda messy but Im sure you'll find out how to use this.

This is my legacy for you, my dear quakers.