At the moment I'm using some Hanns-G 22inch 1680x1050 monitor that my brother left behind when he moved to Korea. Can't remember the model but I'm sure last time I looked at specs it has 5ms response time... probably more.

Anyway is it really worth me getting a 120/144hz monitor? I play a bit of Quakeworld, a bit of Reflex and every now and again Quakelive. Don't know if I play them enough to warrant buying a new monitor? Or does the 120hz make all the newer games smoother/better looking too? I'm under the impression you need to get the FPS to match or something.

Theres the Benq 2411 for about £230 an AOC one for £200 that I've seen. Or a 1080p/60hz/1ms monitor for about £110-120. Or make do with what I've got????????????