As we are quite busy with gameplay development and to speed up the overall progress, we are hiring for people to create player and weapon models for the game. We've tried to hire some freelancers before, but they all have failed to meet our expectations. Now we thought about seeking for help from the community, to hopefully find someone dedicated enough.
If you're interested, you can apply for the job by sending an email to admin@projectrik.com with your portfolio and salary request.

What we need:
- Character model, something simple/clean/minimalistic looking (humanoid)
- Weapon model, a simple "laser" like pistol
- Weapon model, a bigger more cannon-like weapon
- "Shoot" animation for the weapon models (recoil-like)
- A simple flag model

Animations needed:
- Run
- Crouch
- Crouch while walking
- Landing (as in after a fall)
- Crashing (i.e. running into a wall)
- General minor movements, torso rotate left\right, neck up\down, ..
- Crouch and slide along ground while moving
- Flat ground jump, multiple varieties
- Jump off somewhat steep slope
- Jump off wall (to the left, right, front of you or behind you)
- Jump from crouch-like position
- A "skating" kind of motion, along the lines of skating on ice

Models need to be exported into the MD5 format (ID Tech 4 compatible).
You need to be able to communicate in ENGLISH. Do expect some back and forth with input for changes and such.


Also, we are giving a chance for level designers to join the development. No salary will be paid for this one, but playing the game before public release should be awarding enough. You have to master the basics of level designing, and have some previous work of yours to show for us.

For this task, apply on irc, #ProjectRIK @ Quakenet.