Hi, my name is Neil (CaptainMigraine), and I'm currently working on a remake of the popular UT2004 map called DM-Lea.

I'm attempting to find the original author of this map so that I can get permission to submit Lea to UT4 as a contribution. I'm hard at work on this map, but in order for this map to get the best exposure in UT4, I need to have permission from the original map author.

I'm very courteous to other authors, and I never steal the works of others. I always give credit to original map authors when creating remakes. Admittedly, I don't always get permission beforehand, but I do respect original map authors. :)

Anywho. H1ghTecM@n^'s name is Mourouvin C according to a filefront and a mapraider listing.

His buddies on esreality are:

[iM] Nicky ESR Nicky - offline
[iM] QuadV ReDeYe - offline
[iM] Denmark tewic - offline
[iM] Hasu No Ue Keroppi wata - offline

If you happen to be one of these people, or know how to get in contact with one of these people, it would be very appreciated. :-)

Here is a forum thread regarding Lea for UT4. I started this thread: https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthrea...a-for-UT4-(Duel-DM-Map)

My Contact Info: e-mail: neilvmoore@gmail.com
skype: neilvmoore
steam: Neillithan
IRC: CaptainMigraine on irc.globalgamers.net in #beyondunreal
My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neil.moore.357

Thanks to anyone who assists in helping me get in contact with H1ghTecM@n^. I'll be sure to mention anyone who helps me in this endeavor! :)

-Neil (CaptainMigraine)