The steam release sounded cool in the beginning, but if you consider how the QL updates have been going it's kind of a joke

To me the whole concept of QL is "if you like Quake 3, play Quake Live", it has updates and support and more features than Q3. For casual players that's fine, but what would casuals think now?

In two months they added loadouts, changed how FFA is played, remove maps, completely change the voice over, no blood still, a new crappy weapon and new ammo boxes.

Why would a casual play a botched/screwed up version of Quake 3? They do all this work and prep for a Steam release, yet in two months they completely changed the direction and roots of Quake Live. Why do that before a release to a giant audience? Wouldn't you want some form of consistency like they had before? Two months ago a casual could play QL and be fine, but now with loadouts and a changed announcer, what nostalgia is there to appreciate? It's not the Quake they used to play, it's some updated-crappy-new version that isn't what they played before at all.