After about 2.5 years of development, I'm pleased to announce that the Internet Gaming Movie Database is now open to everyone. The requirement to log in has been taken down so anyone can check out the site. Feel free to find your favorite video, register an account, and give it a rating or leave a comment.

Through the extraordinary contributions by Hungary mdv, Netherlands TheBeats, Germany yks, Germany Bliccer, Canada KittenIgnition, Russia ent, Serbia zeroql, and Germany cityy the site's layout is complete and the database has 1300+ videos in it, almost all with downloads.

And if you missed the announcement the demo-to-video rendering service is part of IGMDb as well. Large improvements have been made, most notably rendering of QL demos is about 50% faster and a bunch of new games have been added to the support list. As of right now, 3000+ demos have been rendered to the YouTube channel.

Shout out to everyone in the mIRC #maverickservers channel; everyone there has at least touched this project in some way.