As mentioned in previous post I've been waiting until the end of previous week for any kind of information about the new venue for our LAN. Sadly, the owner didn't answer his phone for past two days nor call me, so I'm sad to announce that the Prague TDM LAN #2 is canceled. I wasn't able to find any other suitable place for the lan therefore I'm not able to host it anywhere near at proposed date.

There were couple of people proposing to host a LAN elsewhere (groparoo in Bucharest and/or InFerNo_ in Belgium). I believe the community is free to reach to them and discuss possibilities.

In upcoming week/two I will be returning the donations, so if you don't receive it by then, please contact me. I'm sorry for all the troubles this situation has caused.

EDIT: All the paypal donations have been returned. The only one remaining is Lam's which was done by bank transfer (will talk to him directly about it).