Greetings everybody,

Today I stumbled upon Strenx's facebook page

There's a post about Quakecon that you might be interested in reading.

Anyway I got on skype with him for an hour - talked about quake, the competiotion, the map pool and stuff. In short I can say he's totally motivated and so much like never before. He never sounded that eager anytime before. Ever.

I've always respected Strenx and enjoyed watching him play. I improved my gameplay a lot after getting lessons with him.

I decided to donate half the money ($1000) and let him prove that he's serious! (Actually I'm sure he is and I'm not wasting my money at all) :) That means we only need $1000 more in donations and we're about to see some great matches this year! I encourage every Quake lover to consider a small (or bigger) contribution so we can all enjoy the Shaft master once again!

If you dare to be a part of it, there's the paypal donate link:

Enjoy :)

Day 1: 7 donations for $120. The highest is $50. Thanks everyone, keep it going :)
Day 2: 9 donations, $160

1st June - $180
7th June - $230
11th June - $255
12th June - $300
13th June - $350

Thanks to Teen Queen for writing this cool news post. It stayed on front page for 3 hours and we got 5 donations in no time. Then it was taken down, no explanation given and donations ceased. I'm so sad as we're 65% done and need only 35% more funds. But I guess that's how it goes - it's somebody's else website and he decides which players should get community's attention regarding their donations and which not. Alas