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Notorious gangster 'El Chapo' was recently arrested in Mexico. He ran the largest of the drug-cartels. But the real story here is not about how he's such a villain and government is such a hero.

After decades of massive failure, do people still not understand how the 'war on drugs' program works? It's very simple... government creates villains through prohibition, and then government rides in on their white horses and plays the hero. At that point, all the clueless citizens praise them for slaying the dragon.

The whole thing is a giant scam. The government is the real villain. A villain who intentionally creates villains just to make themselves appear heroic. The 'war on drugs' needs to end, and people need to dislodge their heads from their asses. Ass-in-head syndrome is a serious disease, otherwise known as AIH, and we need to raise awareness so people can get the treatment they need.