Name: G.I. Jonesy
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Everyone hates religion, but most people do not know how to destroy it. I've come up with a simple guide anyone can use to starve the beast.

Step 1: Never talk about religion.

Any publicity is good publicity, and therefore, anything said about religion - good or bad - is good for religion.

Step 2: Provide knowledge where there is ignorance.

Religion is based on people being complete idiots. They used to believe tsunami's were caused by Poseidon being angry. Many people today have beliefs equally insane. Your job is to teach them the truth about tsunami's (or whatever).

Step 3: Provide preferable alternatives.

American football does a great job of this. It takes place on Sunday, and church takes place on Sunday. Most people would rather watch football than go to church. Other things people prefer to religious activities include: watching movies/television, listening to the radio, using computers/internet, video-games. Activities or entertainment specifically designated to occur during normal church times are the most successful, but anything people prefer to reading their religious book or engaging in religious activities is another meal not going to the beast.

The youth of today have so many alternatives to religion, and a far better knowledge/ignorance ratio, that religion is getting thinner. Some religions have been supplementing their fat-stores with the souls of raped children, while others are resisting any progress into the industrialized age. Regardless, science and technology will not be denied. People in the third-world are continually gaining access to information-age technologies. Once the third-world has begun abandoning religion, there will be no critical-mass remaining.

If you want to accelerate the process, you can follow steps 1-3. You are not powerless against religion. You can make a difference, and together, we can end the disease that is religion.