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Aside from QL being essentially a 15 year-old game, there are other issues with Quake itself. Most of these issues are the result of the 'reality-tv' revolution of the late 90's and early 00's.

To Quake players, strafe-jumping is a skill element and it makes the game faster. To other people, it makes no sense that jumping would make people move faster. In reality, sure, it doesn't make sense... physically, how could jumping make anything go faster? As a result of such 'realistic' thinking, games have opted for a sprint function. Obviously, pressing a sprint button to go faster requires no skill, and is therefore unfit for esports.

So... how do we retain the skill element, while on the surface, having it make some degree of realistic sense? Shooting a gun, even if it's an unrealistic gun, is still realistic enough for people to reconcile inside of their puny, unimaginative minds. But jumping as a means of acceleration is beyond the comprehension of their feeble brains.