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Everyone knows that Q3 is 15 years old. Most of the people who play moba's were probably not even born when Q3 was released. Maybe those people enjoy slow games that require no skill whatsoever, or maybe they just don't want to play a game that's older than themselves... whatever the case, we need a new version of Quake.

When I say a new version of Quake, id software should be aware of what that means. The so-called 'Quake' community is not really a Quake community. If you've noticed, the Quake community only wants to play one version of Quake: Quake 3. There was a Quake 4, and say what you will, but it was newer and in some ways better. Didn't matter though, because it wasn't Quake 3. What a new version of Quake means, therefore, is a new version of Quake 3. Don't make a new version of Quake 2. Don't make a new version of Quake 1. Don't make a new version of Quake where you hybridize different versions. Maybe it shouldn't even be called Quake anymore, and instead be an entirely different series of games based on Quake 3.

A new version of Quake 3, including an 'esports' system appropriate for the modern age, is what the community wants and probably the only thing it will accept. QL might be a new system, but the system is widely insufficient, and the game is still the same old thing with a few minor game-play tweaks that almost no one would even recognize.