Since I know how much everyone outside the U.S. can't get enough of American Football, I came up with an idea to have American Football all year long. Now, I know what you're thinking... all year long is impossible. The players cannot physically handle that kind of schedule. That's why, there would be a replicate league in South America (so there is no timezone problem for American fans), which would be identical to the NFL, except it would be in S. America and it would take place in the other half of the year. An NFL season is close to six months, so with only one other version, the two combined would be roughly twelve months or 1 year. Even better, the weather would be identical, as S. America is in the southern hemisphere, and N. America in the northern. Funny how the names work out that way.

So what do you guys think? More American Football... I mean, S. America is America, so you should have no problem with calling it American.