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Moba's, a.k.a. 'rts for retards', cannot be considered actual sports. Maybe what mobas have shown us, is that geeks don't care about human achievement at all. They are happier with computer achievement. Let's be honest... in a moba, the player barely does anything. The computer does almost everything. Some might call that socialism, while others might just call it stupid and pathetic, and entirely anathema of sports, gaming or anything of the kind... but, with the success of things like saltybet, maybe people don't really care about human achievement (a.k.a. sports), and are more interested in pretty colors and flashing lights?

Things have gotten so bad, that people who actually practice are considered losers. Apparently, any dumbass should be able to pick up a baseball bat and hit home-runs in the majors. It should not require a lifetime of practice, even though, in something called reality, a lifetime of practice is exactly what it requires. Yes... some video-game types have become so detached from reality, due to an excessive amount of time spent within the video-game fantasy, that they want the real world to function the same way things do within the virtual world. I suppose it's only natural that moba's would come along, and through the magic of computer assistance, permit any moron the ability to pick up a bat and hit home-runs in the majors.

All of that makes sense to me. What does not make sense, is why you motherfuckers who know better, would support such utter trash. Are we trying to do a legitimate sports thing here, or are you all just a bunch of pathetic sell-outs? Do you know the point of real sports? It's about human achievement. It's about incredible feats of humanity. When you take the human out of the game, it defeats the entire fucking purpose. When incredible feats are impossible, because the game is too shallow, it also defeats the entire fucking purpose. When any moron can pick up a fucking baseball bat and hit a home-run in the majors, then clearly, it's nothing but shit.

I'm sure this 'moba' thing is just a phase. Teenagers typically do go through many stupid phases. And someday, the dumbasses who actually supported the moba horseshit train will look back and realize how fucking stupid they were. In the meantime, while we're waiting for all these confused teenagers to grow up, we should continue working on legitimate esports, and therefore, actual human achievement.