Did they exist before 2002, on this website? (page 92 of the movies section):

I could have sworn I remember back then and CS was much more popular that even CS movies were uploaded here(without people raging! Craziness! :D). As well as Tribes 2 and others, of course.

This is the first one that I remember. Called Proxima: TrickJumping (first I remember seeing, as far as Quake goes, that is): https://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=216700 The youtube link: http://youtu.be/tMufHPDQgJc the screen ratio is jacked. No idea why. I don't remember it being messed up, 10 years ago. Strangely, I had to google search it, as it wasn't in the list in the Movies section during that time-frame(page 91'ish of Movies section). :o It's not the greatest, but, it's the thing that got me into watching some Quake, oh so long ago and I still enjoy seeing it, from time to time. Took many more years before I really tried playing much, though. :D

That said, *were* there movies on ESR, before 2002? How can we find their names, if so?

Post got a bit longer than I thought. Yay, memory lane! So... speaking of memory lane! What is your favorite frag movie or defrag movie from pre-2003? Show us a youtube link, if there is one, for your favorite.

edit: I just realized how many movies seem to have been lost through the years due to download links dying and no one ever putting them on a place like youtube. That kinda stinks. =(