I posted these vids in the Delirium feedback thread, but no_il suggested
that I make a new thread for them. They show the changes I have made to Terminatria and Delirium which will be coming very soon in QL.

Sorry these vids aren't great but its the first time I've uploaded QL vids, I'll make them better next time! There isn't much time at all to make any more changes, unless they are really tiny, but its just so that you can get an idea of what to expect:

Delirium changes:
- Added 3x25hp
- Added 2 extra spawns for duel, and another 2 more for TDM/FFA
- Added elevator to lower YA area
- Fixed LG->RA teleporter not working in TDM
- Replaced stairs with elevators at RA and MH areas
- Opened up lower RA area
- 2-way teleporter at RA changed to 1-way
- Lower YA teleporter now exits at upper MH
- New teleporter in mid which exits at the old YA teleporter exit
- Some areas re-made for a cleaner / different look
- Weapon clip added to bumpy ground to increase effectiveness of rocket splash damage
- Lots of small tweaks to make the map faster and more fluid

Terminatria changes:
- Multiple texture and clipping fixes
- Performance improved
- Duel mode made smaller, with item layout changes to suit

I don't know why but delirium came out really dark, its much brighter in game.

Also here is a new duel map I have been working on, its working title is Heatwave (because when I started its "skeleton", it kind of looked like a mirror flipped version of Monsoon from Q4 (and a heatwave is the opposite of a monsoon...), but now its not so much like it, though you can still kind of see it at the RG/YA room), hopefully it'll get into Quake Live. I want to try some things with the MH/YA area, not sure if its as good as it can be. Any ideas/feedback would be appreciated :)

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/tWPu3#0