A while ago I compiled all (or pretty damn near) of the files found inside the .pk3 files. The result is an incredibly useful tool for movie makers, or indeed anyone who wants to modify the appearence of maps, players and objects while watching back demos.

I could be wrong, but I don't think this idea has been exploited to its full potential by movie makers. Though I appreciate that non-default textures in movies may be off-putting for the hardcore quaker, movie makers tend to exploit any other option for visual customisation but leave textures alone.

How it works:
When wolfcam runs, it constantly calls upon the files that "skin" maps, weapons, ammo etc. These files are mainly located in the pakXX.pk3 files, but some are strewn around in random map files (hence why my compilation may not be quite complete). By de-crypting the pk3 files and copying the relevent contents into "wolfcamQL/wolfcam-ql" wolfcam instead looks to those files (instead of in "wolfcamQL/baseq3"), meaning you have easy access to the files that decorate quake live's interior!

1. Download the .zip file:

Mirror - Auri
Mirror - uZu

(cheers to auri and uZu for hosting and mirroring my file)

2. Unzip. You will notice loose in the initial structure a .jpeg called "howto" (Clickme). Nope, this does not come with quake, I put it there! Folders with a red dot are the ones that you have just downloaded, and this is where you need to put them! As you can see I'm using wolfwhisperer, but this doesn't effect anything. If you already have some of these folders, you can just merge them.

3. Now if you see a texture in wolfcam that you dislike or want to brighten etc you can do something about it! You need to locate the relevent file (try searching keywords, and most map textures are in textures/[base_wall,base_floor,gothic_block]). Worst case senario you have to type /shaderlist in the map, which outputs a whole list of all the shaders. Not fun.

After browsing for a while you will get the idea. Load the image into photoshop and edit away!

Useful locations:
"textures/ad_content" - Yup easiest way to override ingame ads ever. Simples.
"icons" and "menu/icons" - you might want to edit the weapon and item icons
"menu/medals" - can change impressive, excellent etc
"models/ammo" - edit grenade and rocket! Hint: cpma grenade...wink wink...(http://gfx.quakeworld.nu/details/289/cpma-grenade/)
"models/weaphits" - get really good and edit the rocket explosion. You'll want to know about the fx file first.
"models/weapons2" - make a skin for weapons...

If you're getting too far into this you will want to download a software such as blender that allows you to edit skins by projecting the skin onto the model (.md3 file).

Maybe this helps anyone looking to take movie making a step further; the secret is out now, it's up to you! I hope this instigates/facilitates more customized quake movies. If people like this post I may write one on fx scripting as well (although I am by no means a master).

Any questions I'm more than happy to answer!