So which ones do you love and hate? Or rather which types of standup do you love and hate? I hate observational comedy like "have you noticed the difference between men and women/blacks and whites". Notice the distinction between comedians and types of standup btw. I wanna stab Seinfeld in the face any time I hear his voice and even though I find Louis CK equally unfunny I like his personality. I love one-liners(Dave Attell, Jimmy Carr, Anthony Jeselnik) and coherent social commentators like Carlin, Hicks, Stanhope, Bill Burr, David Cross and Chappelle. To the people with similar tastes I'd recommend Andy Andrist and Daniel Kitson and Myq Kaplan is my recent addition to the one-liners list. So which are yours? Comic, album/performance, joke? Go!