The 125 FPS Project is proud to announce the new 125 FPS June QuakeLive Duel Season! And again - thanks a lot to our sponsor Alexey A, from the Moscow region! You can send in your invite's request.

So, guys, we have some shedule changing for playoff - all will be finished at 28 June, friday. Because of - zoot+ins will stream all friday 125fps june matches from faceit studio!
new shedule:
24 June - 1st and 2nd 1/8 matches, BO5
25 June - 3rd and 4th 1/8 matches, BO5
26 June - 1st and 2nd 1/4 matches, BO5
27 June - 3rd and 4th 1/4 matches, BO5
28 June - 1/2 matches, BO5, 3rd place match (BO5) and FINAL bo7

at 28 June we will start abit earlier - 10:00 CDT

Cup Admins: Yavich, Nico, Rell, Xron (search on IRC or write to
Streams: United Kingdom Zoot, Russia 125_FPS (A+A), France aAaTV
Links: Cup Website, Application, mIRC #125fps, cup's stats, France Esportsfrance announce