Right so as title says.. Need to match them sensitivities. Playing all of those games frequently (depends on what friends online, what I feel like playing etc.)

But any time i play one of the games and try to go back to the other one it feels so different. Even tho i try to set similair sens and shizzle.

What bothers me most is that only QL (last I checked) has MouseSensCap and AccelOffset. So Ill have to probably adjust to playing without these values. Even though they give me this very nice and controlled accel that I like.

So, to the matter at hand:

My main sensitivity settings that I'd like for all of the games above:

My DPI: 400.
Sens: 1.5.
Accel: 0.1
Mousesenscap: 5
Offset 5
M_yaw: 0.022
M_pitch 0.033.

Think thats about it .

Idea: cant check it atm but setting the mouse input to RAW in all of those games could probably help right?