Scheduled: 13:30 GMT, 30 March 2013 to 18:00 GMT, 30 March 2013
Schedule: Passed

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

After the success of the previous week's installment, in which Belarus Cypher beat Russia Cooller. The second Corsair Quake Live! Duel tournament is scheduled to start on the 30th of March and signups are now open.

We are expecting another great tournament with plenty of high-profile signups, grudge matches, upsets and much more. Additional thanks goes to Ukraine ua.Shadow and to Cyberfight.

Stream: uaShadow
Links: Brackets, Official Announcement (in Russia Russian), Tournament Rules
Notable Players: Russia agent, Netherlands Baksteen, Russia Cooller, Belarus Cypher, Lithuania Guard, Russia k1llmaster, Poland Matrox, Spain p0ni, Russia Pavel, Ukraine uaReaper