The guys behind Red Orchestra and Killing Floor speak out - With all the CoD bashing going on this years, there's a healthy discussion going on over at /r/games

It's an interesting read, although it does sound a bit like a rant because red orchestra isn't doing so well.

excerpt from interview:
"Players like Elliot [Cannon, Lead Designer] and I, back in the Quake and Unreal days, you know, we had to get good at aiming. These guys don’t have to anymore. The skill gap is so compressed that like, “The game makes me feel that I’m awesome.""

It's quite funny to see all those "hardcore" players crying about the lack of games like UT and Q3A and it sure brought up some memories with articles from Something Awful

Although quakers have little to no interest in CoD (rightly so), would you say that cod can be considered a "gateway drug" and introduce more people into gaming or is on the other hand just dumbing the shooting genre down by adding weapon levelling and similar gimmicks?

cs 1.6 is nowadays almost revered in esports, although it was frowned upon in 2002

Do you think there's a chance of CoD becoming "oldschool hardcore skilful game" in let's say 10 years?