The Qualification Round of 125 FPS March League is finished, and we starts 1st Group Round.
Five groups (with 6 players in each) will play bo1 matches from 11th till 15th March, 3 players from every group will pass to the next stage.

1st Groups Round, groups and schedule:
All matches starts at 11:00 CDT

11 March – Group A: 1. Netherlands baksteen , 2. Lithuania Guard 3. Russia ARSENY, Norway etty, Russia defCut Ukraine uaLaskij --- some VODs from PYTON
12 March – Group B: 1. Russia Agent France sev3n Russia 060718 Norway zeun Germany k1llsen Russia fearZzz, --- VODs from Rell+Green (part1, part2) --- VOD from PYTON
13 March – Group C: 1. Russia Cooller 2. Germany twister 3. Russia fancje Ukraine Xron Austria T1E Slovakia Janco --- some VODs from Zoot
14 March – Group D: 1. France strenx 2. Ukraine bpatela 3. Ukraine uaReaper Russia Latrommi Denmark Sothis Russia iudas_ --- zoot's VOD of group D and k1llsen vs agent match (group B)
15 March – Group E: 1. Belarus Cypher Ireland 2. kRoNiC Ukraine 3. Only_toxic Portugal Ins Finland mazaa Lithuania DM --- VODs from Pyton 1st part and from Zoot 2nd part

UPD: 2nd group stage post

Cup Admins: Yavich, Nico, Rell, Xron (search on IRC or write to
Stream: Groups C, D, E will be streamed by Zoot and Zerg. Group E by Pyton. btw any streamers - welcome!
Links: Cup Website, Full English Announcement, Stats // mIRC #125fps