Has anyone else but me noticed hitboxes being ridiculously out of sync? I'm not really hitting anymore %, but just find that plenty of shots that are nowhere near are registering for me (and for people I spec)

I'd say this is the most blatant example I could find in autorecord demos. From a match where I'm waiting to play and just leaving it on spec. There are other instances for myself with rail and shaft, but I feel this example is the most obvious:


This isn't a witch hunt against a particular player. This guy had low ping and wasn't warping/lagging or whatever. I've had moments like this video as well and I've seen others do it as well. This just happened to be the most blatant example

I'll have a look tomorrow through my own demos for examples (because I know 100% there are events like this video for me) and I'm pretty sure I've seen players doing this when spec'ing TDM recently (rails hitting when they're miles off etc). Point still stands though. In the last maybe week or so, has anyone noticed epicly inaccurate hitboxes registering or is it just something epically fucked up in my config? :|