It's been a long time since I wrote a personal journal so here goes.

After leaving my shitty sales job last July, I spent the summer studying web design / development whilst looking for a role in this field. I also spent it in the garden drinking beer and reading :-)

After having zero success applying for jobs, in December I decided to send my CV and portfolio to web design agencies in the Midlands. Within half an hour of doing this, I got a call from an agency (in Birmingham) who had an apprenticeship position open. The next day I went and had an interview and they promptly offered me the job.

Being a considerable distance from where I currently live, commuting in my Golf GTI would be rather expensive. So I promptly sold it (to be honest, it had a few annoying habits so I was glad to be rid of it) and ended up buying a VW Lupo 1.7 SDI which does 60+ mpg and the road tax only cost £30 a year (v.s. ~£240 for my golf).

I started last Wednesday and did my first 3 days of actual work in several months... I found the work enjoyable and work with people much smarter than myself (which can only be a good thing for improving my skill set). I now have to decide which area I want to concentrate on so after my apprenticeship (of 6 months) has finished they can employee me within that position.

// that pretty much sums up the last 6 months of my life (and that's quite sad)