Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and had a happy/safe new year! :)

The main Blackout draft will occur at 15:00 CST, 6 January 2013 (Sunday) in mIRC #blackoutdraft on QNet.

This draft will be for any and all (new, old, retired) players of all gaming backgrounds (QW, Q2, Q3, QL, Q4, WSW, Xonotic, HLDM, etc.) that require a team to play with. All players should be in the channel, and active once the draft begins. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in being a captain they should contact me immediately. Contact details are below.

Please be advised that this draft will help supplement the main tournament with teams, players who would like to form their own team are encouraged to do so.

Admin E-mail: xerosawyer@gmail.com
Links: Tourney Page, Original News Post // mIRC #blackout (QuakeNet), mIRC #blackoutdraft (QuakeNet), mIRC #blackout (GameSurge), mIRC #promode