This was found in darkness and translated from russian (original post by Sanchez).

- You know,
- One day i wanted to become strong,
- I thought if i would have power
- I would be able to protect weak
- I could save everybody
- I sweared i will eradicate evil
- I seeked for absolute power
- I went through insane training's
- I did 70 finger push-ups before each duel
- And after some time i have become powerful
- Force which took down world champions 60-0
- How was i astonished
- When in search of evil i vowed to eradicate
- I found myself in the mirror
- Ultimate evil was right in front of me, how screamed quake players in game, how humilated they were from endless rapes
- In my quest for absolute power, i have passed the line
- Which nobody should ever pass
- The limits of the human beings
- Being a human, means having weaknesses, having limits,
- But i wanted more, more
- That when the fear has come
- I digged for ways to supress the demons within me
- By all my will power, i tried to limit their control
- I restrained them as i could, in order to prevent harm to human beings
- I tortured myself with hunger and ascesis
- I moved to mountains and cutted down internet cable
- But in my dreams, he has been coming back
- And whispered his name, GOD OF WAR SANCHEZ
- The one who is able to play without pc, who go into web without monitor, who can destroy players mental without a game,
- The creation i have given birth to, in my reckless pursuit to become the strongest being
- I looked for other people, who could become my disciples, who were strongwilled and wouldnt be afraid to open themselves to this monster and let me go of this tough burden of being
- The best and the most ambitious ones, were coming to me
- I have conducted on them basic initiations
- And they all failed, failed into deep despair, unable to hold on the demonic presence
- They were not able to abandon their human self
- And become a vessel for a demon
- When demon awakens, i stop being a human, physical rules dont apply to me anymore, and there is no way to subdue this power
- Nobody can stop it, it is all-knowing and omniscient, he devours on human souls

P.s. I am just a translator.

From all i have seen on youtube.

This guy is capable of
100% shaft
100% rail
100% rocket
100% plasma

Seeing through walls
Reading mind and thoughts
Predicting future
Flying on the map

His APM (actions - per - minute) is possesed state was counted at around 945. (World starcraft champion has around 280-300.)

When not possesed / restraining himself he looks quiet normal.