The ESL together with the developers, Illfonic, are happy to announce a €4000 tournament for Nexuiz.

Following on from the update earlier this week which brought high performance UGLY mode and made the previously pay DLC a part of the regular game, the developers are eager to try to jump-start a competitive community for the game.

Nexuiz is currently in the Steam autumn sale for €5 (half price) or €15 for the 4 pack.

Early sign up is open here. When the dates of the cups have been fixed the post will be updated and everyone signed up will be mailed.

Illfonic, the small studio behind the game, have been working hard on improving the game since it's release in May. Their aim is to bring deathmatch back into the spotlight, with a fast, fun and visually attractive game built on the latest CryENGINE 3.

Links: ESL, Nexuiz, Steam