the respawn system has always been a turnoff to casuals
i believe its part of the reason why clan arena became more popular than tdm/1v1. getting respawn owned constantly has to be a huge killjoy.
instead of doing the same thing. how bout beta testing something new? heck, it might even add another skill if done right and i think casuals could learn it pretty quickly.

melkor respawn system:

make every map have up to 5 respawn points
let the player choose where they want to respawn after death.
they can choose the location by either pressing 1-5 on the keypad(or it could be bound by their weapon binds. lg for lg respawn, etc. i think this is probably the best way)
or using their mouse to pick from a clickwheel on the screen that comes up when they die.
they have 5 seconds to choose or they get randomly respawned if not done in time.
the player is also given the option of a random spawn instead of having to decide(by clicking mouse2 for random, 6 on the keypad or random on the clickwheel)

i know what youre thinking
this would just make it too easy to frag your killer after you respawn.
well, to combat that, a few things can be done.
a delay could be added if you pick a 1 of the 5 respawn points
1-3 second delay, ideally you'd want it as low as you can go. a good amount of beta testing on the maps will be needed to figure out the best time. however, clicking mouse2 and choosing random results in no respawn delay!
instant random respawn for anyone ballsy enough to choose it!
also, the screen goes black after 1 second after every death.
if it were to stay up longer, the dead player would have too much of an advantage. 1 second would still give the player who fragged the chance to trick the dead player who is watching from his corpse.

if done right, this would add a whole new element of skill to 1v1/tdm.
pick wrongly and you give up a frag. pick correctly and you put yourself in a much better spot . it all stems on your quick decision making ability.
think of all the possibilities? could this finally end the luck aspect in fast twitch fps gaming?
if explained in the the game, i believe casuals could learn it pretty quickly, too.