In duel:

1) After you die you have to press a weapon bind and you'll spawn in the room of that weapon/spawn associated with that bind. (maybe keep the 50% rule)

You can't spawn in the same room where you died or where your opponent was at the time of death to avoid letting you spawn next to a weak opponent who just killed you.

At the moment it's quite loto if you get a good spawn after you die or not and this works both ways. If your enemy has hp you don't want to get spawnraped, but often you do. If he doesn't have hp you and to spawn close to him and often you do. With this system it adds a new little meta game making it able to predict your opponent's choices - he wants to spawn there so I have to play like this. At the moment it's random and often couple of shit spawns can decide a lot.


I like foctis' suggestion:

"I like a variation on suggestion 1: keep the current system of automatically ruling out the closest 50%, then give you a choice between those that remain. Instead of (or as well as) having hotkeys, display a map overlay showing the available spawns for you to click on. As with the current system, if you wait for 5 seconds it randomly picks one for you."

2) Remove footsteps for more tactical options

In my opinion walking is way too slow and pretty much useless when you want to pull a nice sneaking move. You can sneak now, but due to it's speed and being able to hear so much your options are really limited. Hard to really surprise anyone. If you play a duel then most of the time you hear your opponent moving because of strafejumping or picking up items.

If not to remove it completely then maybe make it so that when you have gauntlet out you can't be heard while walking. With other weapons it would be the same as now. This makes you more vulnerable while doing it.

3) Fixed combinations of first spawns

So you can make different build-ups taking the spawns in mind making it possible to cheese or play for items. This works to some extent now, but has stupid randomness to it.

I imagine these have been brought up and requested before, but I would still like your take. Specially on the spawn system.