I've published an interview with Canada Guillaume "Grrrr..." Patry, the only non-Korean to ever win an OSL in BW.

Some of the topics we discussed:
-The BW scene before Grrrr...'s move to Korea.
-His transition to life in South Korea.
-The excessive partying and drinking which inhibited his professional career and results.
-The rise of players like Korea (Republic of) YellOw, Korea (Republic of) Kingdom, Korea (Republic of) BoxeR and Korea (Republic of) NaDa.
-Thoughts on Korean culture and BW/esports' peak over there.
-Thoughts on MOBA and SC2.

On whether he was the best foreigner before going to Korea:
I can't say that I was the best foreigner, but back then some of the best players in practice did poorly in tournaments. It was the opposite for me, I played better under pressure. In 1999, the best players were not Korean. Around mid-2000, that's when Koreans started dominating Starcraft.

The interview can be read at Team Acer.