FACEIT have pushed out a major update today, which will allow us to do better ELO-based cups, and many more things have been fixed and added.

We have added a total of ten levels, which will allow us to also host cups for the lower ranked players. Next to that we have added "Series" tournaments, team FACE N GOs, an automatic updater and many other things.

The ELO-system will allow us to do better cups for lower ranked players. And we're happy to tell them that the action will already start tonight, one for players up to Level 4, Level 6 and Level 8 (see your level in the press release). Find out how to attend a cup below.

In the meantime, feel free to enter in the Series tournaments here, or play a FACE N GO with a friend or your team mates here!

A special thanks goes out to the gentlemen of QLRanks, who were kind enough to allow us to use their ranking system.

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