hello :D

my name is josip i come from croatia and i am new to quake live.
after playing counter strike for 10 years at semi-pro level i moved to quakelive. i play quake live for 6 months now and i am 1560 elo.

i study all demos vods from zotac, iem, quakecon etc.
and play, practice BRUTAL minimum 5h a day.

i learn Ztn hub and tox and t7. my strongest map is ztn.
i learn all positions tactics defensive and agresive play.

i use to have strong aim in cs. but in ql i try to outsmart my opponent
and control all items. when i am incontrol i take 2 3 frags and control all items and dont whant to chace and fight just run items like agent on dm13.

so i am trying to find some players who will practice with me all day long 24/7 for HARDCORE gaming.
1500+ elo woud be nice.

my account is tankerR1 on ql so add me and cya :D

LP tank