Ye, just like in cpma. I know there could of been a poll... now that you've came to your senses, lets get back to topic.

1. Bigot tank. Someone that sees there is no logic in something but an important quake celeb has stated it so it must be true +1(!). This class is combined with extreme bigotism(if you state 2+2=5 he/she will say 6). Example animal Anhedonique.

2. Troll animal. Be the first, beat the rest, no matter how irrevelant and unsignificant your post is you were the first and that's it, puck the rest. Example animals wotan, megaman3

3. Typical celeb. You say something and it is an instant hit, or you rarely comment but it gets to be a hit, you are not a wrong person, just being craved by dosens. Examples: fazz, tbone,*celebs

4. Random, either you comment on an unregular basis or most probably never, you just enjoy the chaos and read up on stuff. Examples: the Majorit

5. Admin, you withness this chaos everyday, and have to deal with it, and some of you are not favored byall. No need for examples.