Were the frame rate issues ever resolved on these maps? I've spent a couple of days trying to get a solid 125 to no avail. I had to set cg_drawfps to 0 because watching it fluctuate is maddening. Restricting com_maxfps to 60-80 is the only way I could have it consistent. There are a few other maps with this same problem, but I can't remember which ones. This is unacceptable to me. Very shoddy work from id.


Okay, after reformatting the problem is not limited to ca1, ca3 and dm17. I am not able to maintain 125 FPS on any map. Tested on clean Windows 7 x64 with latest GPU drivers. I assumed my frame rate issues stemmed from what seems to cause others to lag on maps with dust, but now I don't know. I believe Starcraft II is an opengl game and from what I can tell the amount of FPS I have are expected, even though it is much more CPU dependent than what I assume QL is. I suspect the problem is QL, but if it's on my end it must be the physical hardware or drivers. If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Also, if you know of a method to determine whether this is exclusive to QL or not would help. Will be trying Unreal Tournament 99 in a few hours to see how it goes.

*confirmed r_lastvalidrender is 5800 series.
*tried chrome, internet explorer and firefox.
*tried different priority and affinity settings on browser and plugin.
*tried using old GPU driver.
*tried minimal and maximum visual configurations in QL.
*tried with AA/AF on and off.
*tried overclocking CPU and GPU.