Hi all, some of you might already have seen the QL forum post I made:

Anyway, the idea is to have a clan of pro users that accept friend invites across the board. These users can then spawn premium servers and use up their 5 invites to fill them up more quickly. If the SPAWN members also have a funky greasemonkey script installed then free users only need send the message 'invite' to receive an automatic invite to the server.

Personally I'm running a competitive T4 CTF server in DE, but we're gradually filling out to other modes in other areas.

So, forum dwellers:

If you're pro, add up for the SPAWN clantag and let people know what type of servers you'll be hosting.

If you're standard, go find your local SPAWN server and send a friend invite to the host so that you can join it.

If you're Premium, enjoy the fact we'll be getting some premium servers out there for you to get your money's worth.

I'll be updating the QL forum post with latest Pro users but most likely won't copy the info over to here, so check the post there for updates :)

Peace and love and frags