first of all, i post this topic using a different ID bcause im afraid that my girlfriend, who is an active user in here would be angry if i dont.

Well.. Lately ive been having a fantasy. I dream about having some of my friends running into my room at the dorm and doing crazy stuff with me.

I cant do anything bcause my gf is also in the same college with me.I also cant do anything to her.shes just ancient with the sex after marriage stuff, but shes drop dead gorgeous and i love her.

So where to download real amateur porns-the ones that arent played by actors-which involve 'college', 'dorm', 'friends', 'party', 'coeds', 'coed bathroom', 'locker room'?

This is just so seeing those meats walking in front of me everyday and i cant do anything about it.fck!

Ive surfed d*** or ** and they look like having good stuff but u need to pay to watch every stuff.thats fcked.

@admins pls dont delete the topic brothers as it doesnt contain explicit materials.k? :)