CyberSports Network (CSN) is proud to announce it’s first playQUAKELIVE series of events for Europe. After success with the North American playQUAKELIVE Series I, CSN has decided to make it happen for the European players as well.

The Series II mode of choice for Europe is CTF and the registrations are open, so register your team now! and please join our IRC channel if you have any questions or if you just like us a lot and can't live without us. OR BOTH! :D

CyberSports Network would like to thank Solar Gaming League and TwitchTV for sponsoring the series.

Update: Congratulations to cup_gold Unknown, cup_silver Hot hot hot, cup_bronze Pros of Pain and k1ck for being top 4 teams in the first points cup. You can check all the scores here and all the points gained here.

Stream: LevelUp TV
Links: Official announcement, Rules, Create a team, Register for the event, mIRC #csn.ql , Brackets (TBA), Points (TBA)