So has anyone tried both of these mouse pads? How does each compare to each other and the 9HD or Artisan Kai 3g HIEN hard pad? I am asking because I want something that isn't as slick as the 9HD and with more comfort. The 9HD is not comfy at all around the edges and its size is rather small.

I also have an Artisan Kai 3g HIEN hard pad if anyone can compare the G-TF and the G-TF Speed to that mousepad it would also help out a ton.

I am thinking of getting one or the other but I am unsure of exactly how fast the speed version is or how soft the pads are. Been using a 9HD for a while now and it is just too slick. It was nice at first but it is starting to get on my nerves and I figure it is time for a change.

Thanks for any replies of course!