The QL Regen Series was created to help fill the glaring void for competitions in NA CTF and other team based modes. We'll be holding monthly competitions (possibly more) in various team based mods for QL, with the first being CTF.

First event will be as the title states, a CTF DRAFT Cup. It will be a one day. 6 (possibly 8) team event being streamed by United States of America jehar (and possibly United States of America GreasedScotsman). Simply signup, be present during team selections and be ready to play on the event date!

Registration Deadline: 22:59 CST, 18 January 2012
Team Selection Meeting: 19:00 CST, 19 January 2012
Event Date: 15:00 CST, 21 January 2012
Map Pool: Japanese Castles, Ironworks, Siberia, Spider Crossings, Troubled Waters

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