Hey there, Im having trouble deciding which headset I should choose. My first preference is having a good soundstage so I can hear people in game accurately. I only have onboard sound - mobo Asus p5k SE (soundcard realtek alc883).
I do not want to purchase a soundcard, but I am afraid if I bought the Audio Technicia ATH-AD700 I would not get the most out of them, so I am thinking about getting the Superlux HD668B AKA (Samson SR850)
Any suggestions for good headphones? I think I won't be able to beat the price for the Superlux HD668B you can get them for around 70 USD

Currently I'm using a Logitech G15 keyboard and have never really given much thought to my keyboard. I'm thinking of selling it and looking for a simple cheap (preferably mechanical) keyboard, although this might be unrealistic as all the ones I have seen are quite expensive. Would something like this be fine? http://www.trademe.co.nz/computers/peripheral...23860.html
Or should I just got with like the most basic logitech one?
Open to suggestions.

Also I might be considering getting an Artisan Hayate. But im not sure it warrants 2x the price of the Puretrak Talent? Opinions?

Finally I own a IME 3.0 it is the recent make.
This one

Now I hear a lot of people say that these new makes are quite inferior to the X08 models. I would like to know exactly what the differences are? Ive heard they have a nicer scroll, more solid side buttons and a dpi of 400.
Also you can tell its a X08 model by looking at the bottom of the mouse and at the P/N or Product number if it starts with X08 then this would be the X08 model correct?
The one I have now is X809742 which I believe is South east asian model.
I came across this showing the different models between IME 3.0s
B75-00113 is the american model of the old IE3.0

B75-00114 is the canadian model

B75-00115 is the deustch model

B75-00116 is the south-east asia model

My last question is what is the difference between the X08 model and this black IME 3.0 model http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/_base_v1//p...etails.jpg