My fellow citizens,
I have, upon thorough consideration decided to commence a briefing on my views of the current social climate. The state of affairs is indeed a mere reflection of the past, with our decisions - probability events serving as individual ticks on the timescale. Just like the momentum of our planet keeps floating it through the space and gravity of the Sun makes sure we stay in orbit, so we live on to make new decisions yet our old ways keep us from accepting major sustainable changes of our personal paradigms. However, differing often brings evolutionary benefits (as well as disadvantages). Consciousness is what makes us better than the trees, they don't know if option A is better than option B and even if they did, there is not much they could do about it. We capitalize on visualizing the future in our mind and then making a decision based on available information. We can go even further than that! Not only can we predict an outcome of something, we can make it happen. Our combination of imagination and the means to act is what makes us the penthouse of evolutionary skyscraper. Imagination is free will! There is a lot of discretion for us to decide which activity is the most beneficial and whether to focus on short-term or long-term goals. Or whether to focus on anything at all. We shall not give up on being agents of change. We must resist turning back into the trees and just consuming the destiny other people make for us.