Had to write it down now, till I will put these in order or even touch the text it will take forever.

So I've been talking with sum friends abt this Rage business. Excited? The recordings of the dialogs later on. Or maybe not.

First, I've been writing down (Alt+Tab) impressions, wishes for Merry Christmas and so on.

-tracks are sh1t, too much left-right in order to supply the lack of a strong drive competition simulator, "so-called" difficulty I could say; there is present the lack of subtle differencies on driving stuff, subtle differencies which formula 1 simulators do exploit so nice
-too many enemies, too much ammunition, too weak enemies, damagescale works on player only; too easy gameplay especially because the automatic regen feature, but not only because this, see later

-when in tune mode, arrow keys have limited functionality (only working within the same option/car, can't go up to car selection, which could spare you to use the mouse, which you only use for pressing ASSIGN, REPAIR, LEAVE ); the way the interface is working gives the impression that the code on these functions is not complete -beta interface still in action?
-guys killed in the Sewers have money on them again, every time you come back from the Wastelands -poor dead people, mutants are giving them money every time they cross by

***A.I. and overall enemy problems:
-Return to the Dead City mission, the first time you meet an enemy sniper, after they are detecting you, soldiers use grenades at the exact moment you walk up the stairs; to be more precise, if you go down the stairs by ONE step, soldiers stop throwing grenades, and once you climb up the stairs by one foot, they are throwing grenades again, the whole process going on without having visual contact -enemy detection function based by direct player height detection rallying him to one areas should be changed
-A.I. grenades: although it seems that enemy has finished his grenades stock, after you kill him you still find grenades on him
-A.I. footsteps: Return to the Dead City mission, 1st time you meet soldiers their boots seem to be made of solid steel -fix the too loud footsteps sound?
-A.I. military troops talking non-sense: "lost target", without finding the target at all
-A.I. health unbalanced, making the usage of the sniper rifle and most conventional weapons useless, wtf 2 headshots needed (although you can kill enemies by two shots, you are dealing with what sniping procedures us to call "compromised position")
-A.I. military not responding after one shot with the sniper rifle from long distance, if undetected; falling down, getting on his feet again and continuing: "lost visual, no target..."

***General problems regarding A.I., player and thus affecting gameplay:
-movement speed is too high: normal walking speed in Rage is equivalent to riding a bike speed in real life, running speed is abt equivalent to the speed of a car, and going while crouch equals walking by in a hurry
SUGGESTION: if slower movement makes killing the enemy easier, then introduce some real elements in the shooting element, like elevation, windage and ricochet and you so will have a real difficult game based on real basis
instead of obvious "I wanna play hard" conception

-Underground City, the guy plays on banjo but makes no sound -either put sound there or make him just stand with the banjo in his hand

Obs: it is quite observable that the creators took a bit the liberty to borrow some elements from Serious Sam, Painkiller (number of monsters) and Bioshock (the abundance of water elements along many places) and MoH, CoD, BF (pseudorealistic weapons and so called realistic fights); too bad the creators did not borrow the slow peaced gameplay from Cryostasis. The fast gameplay really drags down the whole effort of the team which made the textures and the architecture of the map, because at the speed you are moving you can barely see any details; practically sometimes I use the walk button by pressing it once every two seconds to immitate real footsteps; if I want to admire some dirty corridor, a room or the landscape I have to walk like this, or not move at all, otherwise it drags down the whole sensation of immersion


***loading screen can be removed when entering/exiting sewers, if you code the loading process to work in the background while there is going the animation on with opening/closing/ doors or climbing up stairs

***Make the game playable in different rhytms, modifying the usual difficulty options (rookie, I am death incarnate, etc.) to different gameplays:
-"quest mania" be RE series style combined to Myst, almost no enemies
-"blood and gore I am lamer incarnate" be pretty much the way the game is right now, -"hardcore shooter" inclined more towards realistic damage, less enemies and slower action
-"easy on my age" slow paced shooting action for 100 years old people like me, 10x less enemies and ammo with slower movement both players and enemies, could eventually compensate with elevation and windage settings for the sniper
rifle i.e., Cryostasis style fights ftw

***Put an additional option in the menu, for those who does not love cars, like me:
-"cars sux", and put one/two cars to appear on the map, let's say twice in 10 hours of gameplay, and then not depending by player's position (so there be a very high chance you will still miss these cars); I would like to walk around by foot like crazy, like I always do when I play Oblivion, but the goddamn cars won't let me take a piss out in the desert, in order to not keep the landscape so desolate you could put some mutants to cross it from time to time, but don't abuse these procedure (let's say you meet some mtutants once every 4 hours of gameplay on the outside)

***or at least inside car view

***Make the stocks of health and bandages really count: no life regen

***I understand that the game can't have day/night cycle because the map is compiled, not realtime rendering, introduce then some strong winds in the game, so sometimes the wind is blowing so hard that you barely see
much, like outdoor passages on Mars from Doom3

***give the player the option to climb some of these turrets on the outside

***where is the goddamn nightmare difficulty impossible to beat ? no regen, few ammunition, slow movement speed, hordes of monsters: nightmare diff, voila!

**if you loose or are hurt when you play the knife, your hands will shake a bit when using a weapon, until you use bandages

***the more you go on low health, the more stronger you are and you do more damage (in order to compensate noregeneration)

***Side quests:
wastelands town, the dead end street -reproduce Monkey Island mysterious door, knocking out and a voice saying some sh1t stuff

***as the game uses gameplay ideas from other games, I really wanna find some sewers or locations with very hard quests, a la Myst

***it is time people end up with this BS controls type which makes you run action superfast:
-no more running fast while strafing; one step left or right, yes, but that's it , no more sideways running
-when moving the mouse left/right up/down you are just moving your head and your weapon in those directions, while your body remains in the same position -NO MORE WEAPON STUCKED LIKE A GODDAMN DICK PERPENDICULAR TO YOUR YZ AXIS AND MOVING TOGETHER WITH YOUR BODY IN EXACT/FIX POSITION/RELATION TO IT

***put a belt to kalashnikov and other machineguns, so you can shoot from a quite nice relaxed position, with the weapon hanginfg from the shoulder, pretty used style of shooting in real weapons confrontation

***make holstering your weapon count, so if you raise your weapon all the time the hands will start shaking and you will aim worst (holster weapon option needed to be implemented first, of course)

P.S.: to be sorted out better, will re-edit