I am getting fps drops on toxicity (practise match, no bots), eventhough my computer should handle QL fine. See screen, at this position the fps stay low when I am running it's more flucuating between 110-125. It's the same for window and fullscreen mode. On other big maps like leviathan it's fluctuating between 122-125 fps. CPU-load is ~ 50% and is all caused by ie.exe (same for chrome.exe).
I am playing with quite low settings as u can see on the screen. Resolution 800x600. My system: Q6600 @ 4 x 3.00 ghz, 8800 GTS 512 mb, 4gb ram, lastest drivers, anti-virus: MSSE, no other heavy background programs. Can't belive my system is too slow to handle a >10 year old engine at low settings at 125 fps. Do u have any idea how I can get the 125 fps stable?