Germany David "Affentod" Hiltscher currently works as the VP of Gaming Communities at Turtle Entertainment, the company behind ESL. Before that he was one of the founders of the German website readmore. At the end of May 2011, he wrote an interesting article on Fragster about the decline of the eSports journalism. The piece is spread in two part articulated around a top10 each: the reasons of a decline and new hopeful trends.

It's only today that a translation to the English language from Germany Philip "Nazroth" Hubner was published on ESFI World.

Of course ESReality is mentioned, as well as maybe other esports websites. Try to guess in which part of the article:
"After the success of Wikipedia, Huffington Post and the reader reporters of the BILD newspaper, a lot of eSport websites were anxious to let the readers do more and more work not very successfully though. The number of guest articles and interesting blogs on fragster and readmore has constantly declined over the past years. The concept of ESReality also became meaningless, as the website is now mainly used as a platform for advertising by tournament organizations. Gameriot, the American blog-focused website, succeeded temporarily, but is now offline."

Links: Germany Original article, Translated article