I'm opening this discussion to see what is the general opininion about moderation on this site and if/how things should be changed for the better. I did some search and the only somewhat related thing I found was this thread.

As far as I can tell, there is some loose moderation applied, mainly caring about the form of the individual posts rather than acting on the people writing. In the Site Guide, the admin guidelines include a paragraph on moderation, which basically suggests to keep the writing polished, especially in majored items, and either delete/nuke anonymous rants. The guidelines however talk about respecting other people as we are all at the same level, and also suggest to not take the admin role as a job, but just as an addendum to the usual web page usage. This somehow conveys the loose moderation spirit.

So the main question is if you think things could be improved, and how. I think there are various levels of moderation, from the little to none that we have now, to a stark moderation you see for instance on team liquid.