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Rating: 7 (4 votes)
Gametype: Free for all
Map: qzdm13 - Lost World
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: tyryl
How to play back QL demos

the # in the demo URL has to be replaced with %23 for it to be downloadable: https://www.esreality.com/files/demos/2011/834...30-0.dm_73
sorry. that bug should really be fixed.

I've been lagging really badly lately in QL and was just trying to find a fun FFA game. I infact only have one channel of sound and am again on a crappy small res CRT @ 100Hz because my 120Hz LCD is out of commission and my headphones are broken, and having played a grueling series of duels yesterday, I wanted to settle down to some mindless, relaxing fun, when all of a sudden I came upon this guy [KcQ] KENTAR, who was clearly "playing down" to beat up on a bunch of lesser skilled players. to make matters worse, he was obviously abusing his advantage of having 5 ping and repeatedly camping every quad damage. it was quite sad to see, but what made it more infuriating is how he talked down to the new players (or so I'm told--I didn't capture it in this demo, but I'd seen it before).

I felt it was my duty to put this low-skilled player in his place. this is not a good game, being that I had 65 or 70 ping to his 5, and I'm lagging on top of that (I've recently discovered that it's frame lag; can't even play bots), but it's a victory for justice, in my mind. punks like this constantly terrorize public servers in some attempt to obtain personal gratification. I've had a history with this guy.. basically, I repeatedly beat him in FFA games and he seems to get really angry about this to the point of insulting me and making up stories that, frankly, sound completely crazy. for instance, he just asked me if "bud" had killed himself, and if I was still trying "IPv6 reverse proxy lookups." I have no idea what any of this means, but he additionally threatened to send my demos in (to syncerror? jesus? I don't know) for apparently threatening people's lives (this must be illegal in kansas or something, where I suspect kentaro is from), so I made sure to do just that for the camera. enjoy.

also in case zoo doesn't approve of my demo for entirely fascistic/french reasons: edit: link removed because zoo has approved demo files !!!

I hope this keeps all of my fans happy until I can fix my lag or I beat up stunt at quakecon.